How do we establigh PLEPS? Here are some resources for you to consider!

A. Ability and assessment test scores:

Otis-Lennon School Ability Test: k – 12,
SCAT: Scholastic and College Ability Test, grades 2 – 12,
STB: Spatial Test Battery,
STEP: Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress,
TOMAGS: Test of Mathematical Ability for Gifted Students,
PSSA (eMetric)
B. Group and individual achievement measures:

SAT-10: Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition,
Terra Nova:
WIAT: Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Second Edition (WIAT-II), Pre-K-16,
WJ-III: Woodcock Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities, ages 2 to 90,
PSSA (eMetric)

C. Grades:
1. Include the most recent grades from the student's file
2. May include Behavioral Assessments:
3. Performance on performance based or authentic assessments

4. Advancement on Mastery Learing Steps:
    1. Mastery Learning Manual:
    2. Mastery Learning:

D. Progress on goals:
On a NEW GIEP, indicate that there were no previous goals estblished.
On the annual creation of a GIEP, restate each goal from last IEP and document progress/performance on each goal

E. Instructional levels:

TOWL-4: Test of Written Language,
Perdue: For Secondary Students, administered to teachers of content areas
IOWA Acceleration Scale:
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Classroom Diagnostic Tool
F. Aptitudes, interests, specialized skills, products and evidence of effectiveness in other academic areas:

Parent Surveys:

Student Surveys:

Standardized Assessments

Surveys Our Schools Use