How do we construct GIEP's? What is the best way to establish PLEPs? How do I monitor progress towards annual goals? What are measurable short term objectives?

This is our space to explore these questions and more.

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A Powerpoint guide to Writing Measurable Goals and STO's (Added April 10, 2010)

Evaluating Goals:

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  2. appliedgifteded_teacher_stlo_checklist.pdf

A Guide to Writing Measurable Goals and Objectives (Added January 30, 2010!)

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**PDE's NEW Gifted Forms!**
  • Required as per Penn Link sent July 29, 2009

NEIU Gifted Network Reflection on NEW Forms, 22 October 2009:



A. Ability and assessment test scores:

  • PSSA results or any other standardized assessment that was administered in the 08-09 SY.
  • Information on abilities/assessments as observed/gathered from teachers in the previous school year.

B. Group and individual achievement measures:
  • Did the student participate in any group activities such as NEIU19 Reading competition, the Frank Sottile Math competition, Scholastic Scrimmage, NASA, Scholastic Bowl, West Point Bridge Design, Watershed, etc.? If so, include this and their performance.
  • Any school group activities such as science olympiad, science fair, Junior Academy, Robotics Club, Chess Club

For any individual achievements, any awards (academic and non-academic), scholarships, competitions, etc. they may have participated in individually).
C. Grades: (grades from previous year)
D. Progress on goals: (Report on the progress of goals that were set in previous years)

  • If a new student, include a statement indicating that this is a new GIEP and progress data is not yet available.
  • Include reflection on Goals and STO (Measurable Criteria) from last year's implemented GIEP
    • Student met their goal of obtaining 90% mastery of xxxxx
    • Percentages imply that there are multiple trials.

E. Instructional levels: (this should be based on data and progress from 08-09)
F. Aptitudes, interests, specialized skills, products and evidence of effectiveness in other academic areas:
  • Does the student do exceptionally well in an academic area such as a tech program, computers, art, music, etc.?
  • Does the student volunteer or participate in any extra-curricular activities?
  • Is the student on any club?

IU 19 Shared Resourses for Establishing PLEPs:

Resourses for Establishing PLEPs:

  1. appliedgifteded_teacher_goals_checklist.pdf
  2. appliedgifteded_teacher_stlo_checklist.pdf
  3. external image pdf.png [[file/view/Parent survey.pdf|Parent survey.pdf]]
  4. external image pdf.png [[file/view/ParentSurvey.pdf|ParentSurvey.pdf]]q
  6. hsinterestrev.doc
  7. Motivating Gifted Students.pdf
  8. Student self evaluation.doc
  9. **teacherdatahs.doc**Multiple Intelligences Survey
  10. Student self assessment on multiple intelligences:Multiple Intelligence Assessment
  11. Learning Style Inventory
  12. Learning Style Inventory:
  13. Chuska Scale - (go to pages 46-47 of this pdf document)

Annual Goals

  • Annual goals must be written and do not have to be measurable.
    • Please note, that many examples on the PDE's old sample GIEP contain broad annual goals
    • Recently Hearing Officers have cited those as unacceptable, although these are usually coupled with vague short-term learning outcomes.
    • We cannot infer how hearing officers would rule if the annual goal were broad, but the short-term learning outcomes were specific and measurable.
    • Recommendation as per Dr. Kim Maguire, DCIU, IU Gifted Liason to PDE's Dr. Shirley Curl (Maguire, K., Personal Correspondance, May 15, 2009)
      • The safest approach is to be as specific as possible in the annual goal, which should correspond to specific short term outcome
  • If Annual goals are measurable, there still must be short term objectives (that are also measurable) to assure that there is monitoring of a students progress towards the annual goal (Curl, S., Personal Correspondance, May, 10, 2009)
  • A short tem objective must always be included with each annual goal (Curl, S, Personal Corespondance, October 10, 2009)

Short Term Learning Outcomes

  • Include Short-Term Objective, Objective Criteria, Assessment Procedures, and Timelines


Short Term Objectives
Objective Criteria
Assessment Procedures



Overview of GIEP writing is accessible here * Please note that this was created by PDE before Chapter 16 revisions and changes in forms.
  • PDE intends to present a train the trainer for IU gifted liaisons early 2010
  • PDE is reporting that an updated gifted policies document and an Annotated GIEP are in the process of being finalized and these documents will be posted to the web as soon as they are available.
  • PDE is preparing an updated FAQ.

    Gifted Timeline - Checklist:
    Please Note that this is the OLD Chapter 16 timeline. New timeline is 60 calendar days, not 60 school days.

    2) GWR - NEW Information
    • Higher Level Thinking Skills
    • Academic Creativity
    • Leadership Skills
    • Intense Academic Interest
    • Communication Skills
    • Foreign Language Aptitude
    • Technology Expertise